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Odion Welch Best-selling author of ‘Breakthrough’ was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada into an immigrant family with her mother, who single handily brought her and her brother up through dealing with personal loss and financial instability.  

Suffering from depression and anxiety all her life inspired her to share her story, designed to help us break through our personal struggles, see that we are not alone and deal with mental illness and fight the stigma that comes with it.  

Odion came from poverty, fear, financial disaster and negative relationships knowing nothing but depression to now inspiring us with her impression. Working with others to make herself and them a household name. She works to empower woman to overcome their struggles we are all going through whether it be family, finance or connections 

Odion is a driven, successful entrepreneur with a passion for awareness and practical activities towards mental health. When she is not advocating for mental health or utilizing her Recruitment designation, she can be found curled up on her couch watching Disney movies in her white fluffy unicorn onesie. 

Please welcome the unstoppable girl with multiple designations, balance, poise to empower us and unlock our inner dreams and potential.

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